Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a new journey...

I had an invasive wake up from a bright light that poured through the eye shade I wore on our flight; the all black shade, which read "BE QUIET", was a gift from the USOC for our long flight to the land of Mao and seemed to work very poorly. The onslaught of light was from my teammate Layne having opened the window blind to take in the view of what we hoped was Beijing. As my eyes slowly adjusted and my mind started to fire again (even more slowly than my eyes), I took to the window like a child, trying to see everything out there in the unfamiliar territory. What I saw I can only describe as a San Francisco fog that had rolled around in dirt; or possibly, a more polluted sheet which covered the city than a horrible August LA day. As the plane pushed through this filth, it eventually opened giving view of the expansive city of Beijing. This marked the end of an intense training phase and the beginning of a whole new journey: the biggest show that is the Beijing Olympic Games.

Seeing as this is my first blog I think it is important to write that I have never written a blog, nor have I ever even read a blog. I hope to write in more depth on our teams journey through processing, training, pre-competition days and then the Games themselves. It is a very exciting time and I am going to be a only lightly filtered voice of the experience here.

Unfortunately I must run to training now so there is much more to come...... please stay tuned and enjoy.